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Easy to Use Web Conferencing Services & Solutions

Businesses and employees today are challenged with the need to accomplish more in less time. Sales professionals need to meet with more prospects and existing customers, marketing professionals need to deliver their messages to larger audiences, and teams need tools for real-time collaboration on projects and documents. In order to drive overall operational and cost efficiencies, all of these need to be accomplished in a highly efficient manner with technology that is easy to use and simple to manage.

The proven productivity driver to meet these challenges is web conferencing. Many companies that offer web conferencing services will tell you one size fits all and a single web conferencing platform can be used across many departments and roles, and to fulfill all web conferencing and collaboration tasks. The truth is that your needs are unique. No two organizations are alike and, within a single organization, web conferencing requirements drastically vary among roles and departments.

For those new to web conferencing, please start with watching the Web Conferencing Comparison Guide or download the Web Conferencing Brochure & Web Conferencing Buyer’s Guide to discover how web conferencing improves employee productivity and overall efficiency, and which web conferencing service platform(s) will help your change your challenge into an opportunity to improve.

SoundConnect’s number one goal is to provide you with the best web conferencing services and solutions, training, and dedicated support to take you and your business to the next level.

We are proud to bring you the following web conferencing services:

Hosted Lync


Engage Lync Online is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s cloud-based communications service. In particular, you can chat through text, talk to people by using voice, and even have face-to-face meetings by using your webcam. In addition, Lync allows you to conduct online meetings by using screen sharing, virtual white boards, electronic file sharing, and even online polling.

Adobe Connect


Adobe Connect for Web Meetings enables you to significantly improve collaboration, both inside and outside your organization’s firewalls. You can use Adobe Connect for a full range of online meeting needs, from simple screen sharing, all the way to mission-critical, real-time collaboration. Adobe Connect allows your teams to work more efficiently and effectively, increasing productivity helping you to reduce costs.

GlobalMeet powered by SoundConnect


Engage your participants in a web conferencing service that lets you host interactive, collaborative meetings by showing presentations, software, and web sites. The integration with SoundConnect reservationless audio conferencing with Web Meeting allows can mute and unmute lines and dials out to additional participants from the web interface. A single click starts a meeting — instantly. No downloads, installs or headaches. Share your screen easily; use your webcam and record without taking up any space. Control your conference call right from your desktop.



Online meeting software provides the highest levels of performance and security through the Cisco Collaboration Cloud – a highly secure, scalable, and available meeting network. The full Cisco WebEx portfolio, Meeting Center, Training Center, and Event Center can take you from an occasional, collaborative one-on-one meeting to a webinar or an online event with 5,000 participants. Cisco WebEx web conferencing services fulfill the needs of the Business Professional and multinational Enterprise business.



Get started in one click and share visual information with anyone from anywhere, in real-time! Easily share your computer screen, documents and applications online in real-time so you can start working with remote colleagues and partners in seconds, wherever they are.  With its intuitive interface, SoundConnect Anywhere is so simple to use that it will be adopted immediately!